HD 4X4 Closure





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Our HD lace closures are designed using tulle lace, which is a fine, mesh, breathable net fabric. HD Lace closures are perfect for creating a flawless illusion during protective styling. Absolutely no leave out is needed, as it can be used to achieve wigs and full head weaves.


For the best results have a professional bleach, pluck and install your closure. When washing your closure we advise doing so using lukewarm water in a  gentle, downward, stroking motion using a sulphate free shampoo. We also advise that you condition the hair, detangle from tips to roots and rinse thoroughly. Please do not sleep on wet or damp hair. Excessive use of heat will damage and alter the curl pattern of the hair. Please do use a silk or satin scarf to tie down/wrap your extensions at night.